May 10

Jackies Prize Bingo

Jackies Prize Bingo:11th May 

7.00pm for 7.30pm


All you fans of Jackies Bingo please remember the next night is tomorrow night for more info on this event please click HERE


Apr 27

A Blast from the past

A Blast from the past for the Loose Women’

Today saw a representative from the “Living Memory Centre (Miles Tubb) test the ladies with artefacts you would use when you went  for a night  out.   This piece of equipment was used to cure cellulite→edf

Many of the things we used to use were on display and can be seen on the first floor of Ocean Terminal shopping centre, or click HERE to view their website.A visit to this shop can take a long time and is worth every minute.




Here is a 90 year old doll brought along by Isabelle. for full screen view click on the picture


Apr 20

Easter Residentials at Ratho

Easter Residentials at Ratho

rATHO rETREAT PICMuirhouse Community Centre delivered two JASS (Junior Award Scheme for Schools) group residentials to Pilton ←Retreat, Ratho over the Easter. There was an all girls group and the other was all boys. Each group spent three days and two nights at Ratho and had a great time. It is hoped that we will be able to repeat this format with another four groups as part of our summer programme.  

As usual the kids had great fun and kept the workers on their toes. Donna, Jennifer and Paula went with the girl’s group and Peter, Chris, Dale and Allan went with the boys group. As well as a range of activities on site, the girls spent a day at the Five Sisters Zoo in West Lothian and the boys completed a cycling trip along the Union Canal tow path from Ratho to Broxburn and back again.

In addition to the planned activities all the young people helped with the cooking and cleaning. If you want to find out more about attending the JASS groups please check on the centre’s website or contact Peter or Allan.

Special thanks are due to Ken at Pilton Retreat for all his help and Chris from MyAdventure for the cycling. The bike trip was part of the JASS award and all the boys attending have now completed the bronze element of the adventure section.

Click on to this link for full pictures

Apr 18

More than a Feast

oldkirk and muirhouseOur outside catering team swung into action for our local church (Old Kirk/St Andrews) at the weekend catering for 60 members creating a cold buffet.  Originally for Saturday, there was enough to serve the Sunday congregation next day.  John, Chris and Dale were responsible for this on-going service to the community. 


Apr 12

1st Tea Dance of the new session


???Graeme acted as D.J. or the joint tea dance for the Sunshine and Loose Women clubs.  This was she first Tea Dance of thee year.  The ladies were treated to a mixture of classic records and intermingle3d with graeme singing loads of favourites. During this I took some photos of the company and the Contestants for the beat Easter bonnet contest:  Three was not many bonnets but the ones that were here were terrific: ↵ click on pics for full screen view edf


Graeme can be contacted on 77516 71005 or 0131 30 10554  for all occasions with Senior Citizens a speciality.Graeme thanks from the ladies for a great day.


Apr 12

“Judy Garland” in Muirhouse

 Shooglie Road Productions

The life and songs of “Judie Garland”


edfToday saw the return of Shooglie Road Productions at the Centre for “The Loose Women”

The performance was based on the life and songs of:

“Judie Garland” (Ethel Milne Gumm) performed by Emma Conway. Songs included “Zing went the strings of my heart“- You made me love you” –

Songs from the “Wizard of Oz –Somewhere over the rainbow –Good Morning, Good Morning” “I got Rhythm “ “ You made me love you”  edf

“Clang, Clang went the trolley” and many more

The story telling of Judy’s life between songs made this a very creditable and enjoyable performance by Emma.

Mar 01

Heart Warming donation from Sonia McGraw (Jamie Skinner Foundation)

 defibrillatorFor ages we have been crying out for a defibrillator to safeguard the lives of many vulnerable users of this Centre.  Yesterday morning Sonia McGraw (Jamie Skinner Project) donated exactly that.  The volunteers of this centre have already been trained in the use of the defibrillator by the St Andrew’s team. Sonia a huge thank you from all of us at the Centre, especially those who may unfortunately need it in the future.

Feb 28

Scottish Government visit Muirhouse Community Centre

“Peoples Discussion“

“Reasons people don’t participate in sport”

Today saw people from many backgrounds attend a consultation to inform the Scottish Government the barriers and difficulties they face in attending sporting activities. This meeting was organised by Paul Anderson (Manager of the Scottish Government Outreach Project.) edf4 M.S.P’s attended and 4 health & sport committee members were allocated a table each to listen to every group as they filled in a form stating their difficulties. A total of 21 people participated.

Alex Findlay (M.S.P.) edfstarted the proceedings with a short speech followed by a presentation slideshow concerning the responsibilities of the Health & Sport committee.

Discussion began around the tables with remarks from all written on a   full Table length sheet.



This was an interesting and surprising meeting, hearing others dilemmas and suggestions to overcome them.

Here are some pictures of local people with their M.S.P. representatives:Click on pictures for full screen view:




Feb 27

Scotish Government Consultation


27th Feb 2017

scotish parliamentDo you take part in sports? If the answer is no why not come along and let the MSP’s know why……… it cost/childcare/availability/resources/lack of interest or something else instead. It is only for an hour and lunch is provided so come and have your say on Tuesday 28th Feb at 10.30-11.30am. They want to hear YOUR views.

Feb 27

Garden fence damaged at the centre

edfWednesday 22nd a car collided with our garden fence causing damage to 3 of the panels,  fortunately no-one was hurt and the incident was reported to the police

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