Aug 18

Summer Programme viewing opportunity

Viewing Offer to parents etc.

Friday 076During a successful and well attended Summer Programme the staff team has collated the best of photographs taken by the children & volunteers at the  Bothy -Towford and the day trips.  The photos are all in digital form and stored in he Centre’s Laptop.  Parents/Carers  and participants are welcome to pop in and view the images. If you bring an USB Memory Stick they can copy any images of their own children.    A small sample OF THE HUNDREDS OF PHOTOS ARE DISPLAYED :Click HERE for full Story & pictures.

Aug 10

The Scottish Climate Challenge Fund

Whilst we come to the end of another successful Summer Play scheme, the Joannes Garden 2Muirhouse Millennium Community Centre have been fortunate enough to secure funding from The Scottish Climate Challenge Fund to deliver a year long gardening project.  The aim of the project is to work alongside, encourage, and support the many groups who attend the centre, including the local community, to grow their own produce and foster a sense of self sufficiency and environmental sustainability.  Working on behalf of the centre  Johanna Brebner has taken the lead in a supervisory role.

Jul 07

Day Out at East Links Family Park

Day 2 of the Summer Play scheme:

east links. fun parkA surprise awaited all the kids and adults as a very large Duddingston Coach arrived at the centre, with the destination being East Links Fun Park (near Dunbar.)  Loading the group, then the packed lunches etc. they all set of for a day of adventure and fun.  Pictures tell more than a thousand words, so we hope you enjoy the photos that were taken: Click on pics for full screen view: For all pics view News HERE


Jul 05

Summer Play Scheme Begins

Today seen the start of the kids 4 week + residential holiday to Ratho

100_2498Registration started this morning with 43 excited kids signing on. Planning a 4 week kid’s holiday is no easy task, but one that our manager Peter Airlie and the Council’s Alan Hosey have become expert at through the years.  After initially choosing the activities, they have to do a full risk assessment, this along with booking the supervision, transport and food they have to check the finances at each step. A full weather forecast is studied to decide if the activities are outdoors or indoors.

100_2499If the weather forecasts do not match up to expectations the programme is flexible enough to cater for this.100_2497

  Today is the first day and is a day of their programme and consists of a day at the Centre getting to know the rules of behaviour that is both acceptable and not, and the consequences of bad behaviour during the period.  They also use this fun day to get to know each other. Please click on picture for FULL SCREEN VIEW

Jun 30



Today the centre was a buzz of excitement as we hosted 2 craigroyston primary school picCraigroyston primary school parties from 9.30 am am to 2.30 pm

Jun 27

Kid’s Summer Programme Fund Raiser

29th June 2016:

craigroyston primary badgeToday the centre was a buzz of excitement as we hosted 2 craigroyston primary school picCraigroyston primary school parties from 9.30 am am to 2.30 pm.



scottish government flagFrom 8.30 in the morning we played host to the Scottish Government in their quest to interview for top positions concerning”The New Model for Community Justice in Scotland” 

These important positions attracted top candidates and the interviews were split into 2 with a team of local people conducting one in the community room and a government Official conducting interviews in our Boardroom. these interviews rook up most of the day starting from 8.20 AM..

IMG_0365Meanwhile the ladies of the Sunshine Club had their weekly meeting and had to use the cafeteria to facilitate them all, as our other Residential club ” Craighall” held their  Team Meetings and their  Support and Supervision.





Kid’s Charity Walk

Our yearly event took place on Friday 24th June.  Mums Dads and kids as well as some organisations took part in the walk, to gather money for our summer programme for the kids,  starting from Muirhouse Community Centre to Cramond.doms vanUpon reaching their destination, Dom had already set up his portable trailer to dispense refreshments to the walkers. sponsored walk 2016 109







 We would like to thank everyone involved and the donations given  to the children’s 4 week summer programme followed by  residential holiday.  Year by year the community via the centre provide the very best summer programme.  Just for the walkers we would like to show some pics of them. click HERE for more pictures (News 25th June21016)


Jun 24

1,000 voters register their choice

European Union Referendum at Muirhouse Millennium Centre.

MCCNearly 1,000 voters came to register their vote at Muirhouse Community Centre yesterday, as our volunteering team staffed the Centre from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. A big thank you to all involved in the cafe and reception duties, and the officers who tended to the voters.

Statistics from the referendum: 

According to “Telegraph” Scotland as a whole voted to stay in the European Union with the remain total at 62% and 25.6 to leave.

Edinburgh voted REMAIN 74.4%  LEAVE 25.6

Jun 14

Sponsored Walk for the Kids

Sponsored Walk

walk 5            

Muirhouse Community Centre is once again holding their annual Sponsored Walk to help fund the Summer Play Scheme for local children 

Would you like to take part or make a donation to support the children in their fundraising efforts? 

The Sponsored Walk will take place at 1.00 pm on Friday 24th June leaving from Muirhouse Community Centre  

Individuals, groups and organisations are all welcome 

Please collect your sponsor forms from Muirhouse Community Centre or phone0131-467-3578 for more details 

Refreshments will be available on return to the Centre  

We need you to make it a success! 


Jun 10

Trip of A Lifetime for Young Students

Trip of a lifetime for young Czechoslovakian Republic Students100_2473Czech epublic map & flag 

100_2469 For the Last 2 days we have played hosts to 42 very polite and cheerful groups of “English Students” from the Czechoslovakian Republic mainly from in and around Prague.  Their knowledge of Scotland is enhanced by their trips round the City and the normal sightseeing tourist spots.


The students, 16 to 18 years old, live with ordinary families and gain an insight to normal day – to day Scottish life, but for the last few days it has been heads down in intense language tuition, as can be seen in our photos of the various groups.

Miroslava, the coach escort and guide explained that they had a new programme for the students and gave us the programme that they had partially undergone:

czech rep 2016Angel of the North – Abbotsford House- Centre Tuition-Edinburgh Castle- Centre Tuition -Stirling Castle- Wallace Monument Loch Ness and finallyGlasgow before heading home viaLondon.



Caught having a break these students kept under cover as the weather brokeafter 12 glorious days  of sunshine.

The final day at the Centre saw the presentation of the certificates of Excellence for the students. A just award for very studious young people.



Jun 03

New P1/2 Boys Club started

New P 1/2 boys club started

boys club image

After discussions and consultation with local parents/carers and young people. The (Millennium/Muirhouse Community Centre?) have agreed to pilot a new club for P1/2 boys. The club will run from 3-4.30 and will start on Monday 6th June and run for four weeks. The club will be staffed by two experienced children’s workers and probably have the support of some local volunteers as well as overall supervision by the Centre Manager and a local C.L.D Worker. for more information click HERE. Dated 3rd June 2016


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