May 19

Cooking portfolio that makes a difference

joannas cooking lessons 2As the cooking instruction class comes to it’s mid-term. Joanna has just reminded me of the recipes  over the last 4 weeks, these amount to an impressive and very different  portfolio of healthy meals and the many tips in cooking that you can only get from an experienced cook and your Gran! This is the list for the last 4 weeks.

Week 1 - Healthy Snacks: Homemade Humous with a Tuna Vegetable topping, served on wholemeal bread. Feel Good Hearty Granola and Chocolate bars. I made Spiced Kale Crisps to serve as a snack, along with a mixed nut selection.

Week 2 - Breakfast: Seedy Rye Toast with various toppings including – seedy nut butter with sliced banana, and  guacamole with sliced ham and sliced tomato, and ‘Freezable’  English wholemeal Breakfast Muffins with ham, egg and cheese. Overnight Oatmeal with apple and raisins.  For a snack we ate Yellow Melon.

Week 3  - Store Cupboard, Freezer Friendly meals: Puttanesca Pasta sauce, and Mexican Chicken Taco Meat. I served pears and strawberries as a snack. 

Week 4  - Food Waste and Tips for Saving Money (top three items to be thrown away in the UK is bread, milk, and potatoes): Cullen Skink, and Cheese/Herb Potato Cakes. I served mixed nuts, pears, and strawberries as a snack.


May 18

Free Pet Health Check

100_2442We know animal lovers have a deep regard for their pets health, so the following FREE offer from the PDSA is an offer that you just cannot pass up:

Make sure you and your pet are here between 10 a.m. and until 4 p.m. on Thursday 2nd June 2016.  Fill this date in your diary, it may turn out to be a very important day to you and your pets.

Volunteers from the RDVS will be on call to assist the PDSA personnel attend to your pets.


For more information on  P.D.S.A. click HERE





May 11

Jackie’s Prize Bingo’s back “Tonight”

Bingo LatestWe expect a bumper turnout tonight as the weather changes for the better, so we look forward tot hosting all the fans of “Jackie’s Prize Bingo” as the lastsession had to be cencelled due to the Scottish Elections.  For full details of the nights format (for newcomers) view full post and click HERE

May 03

Johanna’s Cooking Skills

Johanna has led her 2nd cooking instruction class in a fortnight on behalf of  Pilton Health Project as “Food Development Instructor.” johanna is well known for her dedication to healthy foods

Todays selection included “Overnight Oatmeal”

Guacamole on toast and Guacamole Wraps


 guacamole wraps

↓”Freezer Breakfast Sandwiches” and last weeks recipe →

Grenola Bars and Humus→joannas cooking lessons 5FREEZER BREAKFAST SANDWICHES



May 03

bingo Cancellation

Bingo Cancellation 1 Reminder.

bingo logoDue to the Centre Being a main venue for Voters during all elections bingo has been cancelled this month. Next session will be advertised on our Facebook page , local paper N.E.N (Electronic News) and this Website, and we hope to see you all soon, especially as he weather gets a a bit kinder to us.


Apr 27

Climate Challenge Achievement for Muirhouse Community Centre

News has just reached us that our application for the Climate Challenge Fund has been accepted and a grand Total of £ 38,461.66p has been awarded to this Centre, for the ambitious and unique programme put forward by our Manager “Peter Airlie” in collaboration with Alan Hosey (C.L.D.) (in connection with our youth programme)

In the application they highlighted the need for 3 additional staff members to run this project, great news for the successful candidates. See jobs & responsibilities by clicking HERE

Apr 22

Retro quiz – “A Winner”

21st April 2016

Quiz –“The Guid Auld Days”

??????????????????????????????????Today saw Edinburgh College students-with volunteers ( Step Up) running their 1st Social event in the Community, the quiz based on the title above using our centre and our regular social groups, The Sunshine club  & the Loose Women.  Donations for the raffle were supplied by Frankie’s and Benny’s, Toby Carvery, Restaurateur from Falkirk “Gamberosrosso” and “Firebrick” Brasserie in Lauder  The quiz concentrated on subjects from the 50’s through to the 80’s. This was followed by  superb raffle and a game of bingo and a fantastic raffle with prizes coming from the donating companies, stretching the event to a full 2 hours of fun- surprises and laughter.  Thank you ladies and gentleman of the Edinburgh College Students ( Step Up) for a great day and to all the companies who gave such generous donations and of course to our ladies of both clubs.

Winners of the quiz: The Hibees ↓


 Teams taking part:↓ Runners up: The Young at Heart 100_runners Up


 The happy Clappies & the 4 Stooges 9 and yes your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, there are 5.

100_2438The whole day was superbly run by the students with Linda in charge of the musical Questions and Janet Duncan as the compere, seen below receiving a bouquet↓??????????????????????????????????

All proceeds went to charity, this time it  was The Millennium Centre that benefitted



Mar 23

554 Learning Hours Outcome for Muirhouse Kids

Although we have gone through what is known as theCycling 18.7.2014 011 quiet period in Community life, January and February has seen this centre supporting 724 children including Supervision (554 zoo pics easter 2015 3hours of Learning Outcomes) through it’s own girls & boys clubs (Run for the last 16 years) and the 3 year old J.A.S.S. clubs and the marvelous Muirhouse Mini’s 


Mar 07

Success for the Centre at the Awards

North Edinburgh Youth Awards 2016

Thursday 3rd March 2016 5.00pm-8.00pm

North Edinburgh Arts

Last Night a very large audience attended the North Edinburgh Youth Awards Ceremony.  This turned out to be a credit to the youth of North Edinburgh, who go quietly about their business in their communities.  Our interest in the Awards lay in the 12—21’s Young Volunteer Of the Year with a young man who has distinguished himself on more than one front in volunteering in the 12—21’s Young Volunteer Of The Year Category.  Chris Barnes from Muirhouse Millennium Centre won this category with the Runner –Up going to: Dominik  Zakrocki.  The centre achieved Runner’s Up in the Under 12’s Youth Organisation of the Year to Royston Wardieburn Community Centre.  Our Prize was collected by young volunteer awards 4Connor & Chris ←representing  Young Volunteers at our Centre.

 Credit must go to the organisation of the event by the excellent North Edinburgh Young People’s Forum, who delivered and compared the night with 3 of their young Judges. Judges ar North Edinbugh Volunnteer Awards      

For a List of most of the winners and Runners up in all the categories (Click HERE- News 7th March) a big thanks to David Pickering for the excellent Photographs

Feb 10

St Paul’s Re-Development

Trim Call Special Meeting with St Paul’s Land Developers.


In view of all the rumours and concerns raised by residents regarding the proposed ‘student flats’ build on the site of the “fire stricken” St Paul’s Church,

TRIM Board converted their monthly meeting into a public meeting, in attendance were:

Robert MacKenzie ( Owner of St Paul’s Site), Craig Main ( Architect) and

Alex Orr ( Managing Director Orbit)



The meeting was convened and was well attended by Board members, residents, representatives from Muirhouse & Salvesen Community Council, and Friends of West Pilton.

Our Chairman started the meeting by welcoming the attendees and outlining the issues that had been raised. The main issue was the lack of communication for any of the interested parties and this was highlighted by a concerned resident. He had been the only resident in the whole area to be sent a letter from the Council communicating this planning application.

The visitors explained that, for some years, it had been the responsibility of the Council to inform the surrounding residents of works. This patently had not happened. The visitors were under the impression that the Council had communicated with the interested parties in the neighbourhood and were less than pleased that this lack of communication had caused them quite a bit of grief.

The other issues raised in the community were:

1 the number of flats/residents

2 the type of residents

3 the use of the flats outside term time

4 the car parking issues

5 the safety of the students and residents

6 the security of the new building once operational

7 the loss of the community hall attached to the church now.

1. There are to be 6 single occupancy rooms arranged in a flat with a communal lounge and kitchen in each flat. A Total of 3 blocks

2/3. The rooms are only for students and will not be let to any other tenants. There will be a mix of students from the UK and abroad and on a flexible renting period. There will be short term students attending classes during college holiday periods.

4. There is to be a designated parking area within the designated area for up to 20 cars on site and around 14 on Muirhouse Avenue North at side of church site and this is considered to be adequate for student use.

5/6 The building will have an adult student monitor, will have CCTV and telephone communication to the Police, Fire and Ambulance services.

7 We all raised this issue and highlighted the fact that the church and the hall attached were much loved and used by the community. We asked if the new build would incorporate such a facility for the community. After much passionate discussion the visitors agreed to look at incorporating a space within the new build that could be used by the community – for meetings, events and support groups.

We have to say that the visitors were very pleased to come and talk to us, agreed to have an ‘event’ in the Community Shop where the local residents could come and speak with them, and understood that communication with the residents was of paramount importance,

TRIM took a ‘straw poll’ of the attendees asking each if they would consider not objecting to the student accommodation if a community space could be made available and most agreed to this.

All members of the Board are to be contacted for their final approval.

Chairman Robert Pearson Said

” It is vital that everyone communicates well with community groups, reps and the wider community. It is not acceptable for any developer to just pop in a proposal and expect us to accept it.

” TRIM communicates well with residents online, in the shop, notice boards and at our monthly meetings. We are looking forward to being able to communicate further updates from this application / proposal as we receive it”

” We would actively encourage residents to get in touch with us if they have concerns and we will raise them directly with Robert MacKenzie and his team”

” I am happy that the majority of the TRIM board present last night agreed to remove our objection to this planning application – This came about because we now understand what is proposed and what will be built if accepted”


Typed up by B Beaufoy -

Agreed by Robert Pearson

Date of meeting 09/02/2016


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